Cold War Soundtrack

Designed for use with Twilight Struggle and other Cold War games! Covers 1945-1989.
Use the "Play" / "Next" / "Pause" buttons below, not the direct play/pause button in the YouTube player. Click "Reset" to reset the play list and start over.
The "China Card" button will interrupt the current song to play a random China song.
The US or USSR Victory buttons will play a song for the victor.
The Nuclear War button will show the instigator what they just started.
Play Pause Reset China Card US Victory USSR Victory Nuclear War
You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.

Soundtrack duration affects the pace of the playlist. You can adjust it at any time.
Set this to the current turn, if you're playing Twilight Struggle, otherwise use "Current Year" below.
Turn and Year will auto-update as the soundtrack plays but can be adjusted at any time.
US: 0
If you're playing Twilight Struggle, you can use this to change the east/west mix as the score changes.
The following hotkeys work; unfortunately they don't work when the YouTube player has page focus, or is in fullscreen mode.

space - Play / Pause
right arrow - Next
! - Reset
c - China Card
u - US Victory
r - USSR Victory
n - Nuclear War
Debug code:
If you get an error in a video, please PM me about it on Reddit, and copy/paste the debug code above so I can fix it.

This soundtrack app was made by simiansays. Hope you enjoy it and happy struggling!